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2018-2019 Calendar
The 2018-2019 School Calendar is Here!
The first day of classes will be Monday, August 20, 2018!
July 03, 2018
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May Star Support Employee of the Month
Congratulations to Jim Taylor who has been recognized as the May Star Employee of the Month.
June 01, 2018
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Summer Food Service Program
A summer feeding program will be offered at Marshall Primary School and Honea Path Middle School starting June 11, and concluding on August 2, 2018.
May 24, 2018
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Your Penny At Work
Your Penny At Work
See how your penny sales tax has helped us complete projects at our schools.
February 09, 2017
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Superintendent’s Message


Is Higher Education the Answer?

The Commission on Higher Education has been touring the state providing town hall meetings to students and parents largely to discuss the incredible rise in tuition for our state institutions. I had a chance to attend one of these town hall meetings recently and the statistics are staggering. First of all, college tuition since 1980 has risen close to 1350%. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Our current students are graduating with $30-$50,000 in loans. How much debt will the next generation graduate with?

 A profile of some of our area higher education institutions demonstrates that our area four-year schools are expensive! For example, the following are tuition costs for just one year of education, and this does not include room and board:

Clemson University: $25,000 for in-state and $45,000 for out of state

Anderson University:  $28,000

Erskine College:  $32,500 (Most recent posting for the 2015-16 school year)

Lander University: $12,300 for in-state and $21,900 for out of state

Furman University: $49,600

 This is not a good sign when we hear that South Carolina is leading the nation in the average median student debt graduates have accumulated upon completing a degree, according to the careers site Zippia. So, will tuition cost stop increasing? Doubtful at best! The Commission on Higher Education shared that our higher education institutions in South Carolina have already passed Moody’s credit rating threshold. Plus, our larger institutions such as Clemson University, are accepting approximately 38% of their enrollment from out of state students. Clemson University will receive the full amount of tuition from most of those students. Yet, a huge concern is that five years after graduation, only 11% of those out-of-state students will remain in South Carolina investing in our state.

 A four year degree has been and will continue to be a great investment for many of our high school students. However, it is imperative we provide them with the best direction possible in pursuing their next step after high school graduation. We need these students to be invested in the South Carolina economy, not indebted to it.


Dr. Richard Rosenberger


Mission & Vision

Our Anderson School District Two mission, in partnership with the total community, is to develop the potential that exists in every student to meet the needs of a changing world.

The Vision of Anderson School District Two:

Respecting the Past. . .
Embracing the Future. . .
Opening the World. . .

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