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Payroll is normally paid on the 25th of each month.  Please be sure to check your account for errors immediately.  There is only a small window available to make corrections, otherwise any corrections will be made with the next months pay.
W2's were sent out on Wednesday, January 25th.  This year a copy of your W2 can be found under your ESS login.  This does not replace your W2, but can be used as a copy.  After logging in to ESS, go to Task, Document Manager, View W2.  You can view or print a copy of your W2 from this screen.
Please be sure to check the Benefits section under Employees for updated changes or required notices regarding your benefits.
Understanding your Benefits

It is your responsibility to understand your benefits.  Please ask questions, if you are not clear on anything.

Coverage and Changes are not automatic.  You may make changes within 31 days of a qualifying event; birth of a child, adoption, marriage/divorce or loss of coverage.  Proof of these changes, along with other information is required.  You must contact me within the first 31 days of these changes and have all required documents.  Go to the insurance option at to follow correct procedures.  

Open enrollment for Dental is every other year (odd) and annual enrollment falls on the other years (even).  Open Enrollment takes place in the month of October.  These changes go into effect January 1st of the following year.  The Benefits Advantage  (details of changes allowed) will be sent out by email or found on the website.  They will no longer send paper copies.  

To make changes you will need to go to My Benefits at  Obtain your BIN, by clicking "Get my BIN" at the bottom right of the page and follow the instructions.  Click "Register" on the left of the page and then follow the instructions to enter your information and creat a password.  This allows you to view and change your current insurance elections.  These changes are sent to me automatically so that I can update payroll.

Please use this link to access our benefits website.  Peba


ESS - Employee Self Service - Please use this ESS Link to Access and Update your Payroll Information.  Instructions to get started can be found under the Employees option.  Any questions regarding ESS, please contact Amanda Bates. or 864.369.4111


Look for the Bold, Underlined, Italicized Wording for helpful links throughout the Payroll and Benefits sections. Please note most of the links direct you away from Anderson School District Two's website.

Payroll and Benefits Manager
Anne Branyon
Ph: 864.369.4606 Fx: 864.369.4002

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